Please join us for the COSSBA Urban Boards Program’s Webinar Series, ‘The Challenging Environments Impacting Today’s Public Education System.’  This is a four-part series that will examine the impacts of poverty, learning loss and academic recovery, food insecurity, and socio-emotional and mental health concerns for students in America’s public schools.

Poverty and Public Education

Our first episode will highlight the impact poverty has on students and their ability to succeed in the classroom. Research has proven the challenges faced by students who live in poverty exceeds those of their peers. The demographics tell us that poverty is an issue of equity that must be addressed. Students living in poverty often have fewer resources at home to complete homework, study, or engage in activities that helps equip them for success.

Join us as we hear from two board members, one from Mississippi and the other from Missouri, as they discuss poverty’s impact in their districts and states. We’ll also hear from a Georgia superintendent who has worked with partners within the community

to create a Poverty Informed Community.

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