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Episode 4
Unlocking Knowledge:
mpowering Students Through Literacy

Webinar Date: January 17th 2:00PM EST


About the Event

In this enlightening webinar, we delve into the fundamental right of every student to access the world of knowledge through proficient literacy. The session aims to underscore the pivotal role literacy plays in driving student achievement, drawing insights from successful initiatives in school districts in both Missouri and Mississippi.

Our distinguished presenters will articulate strategies employed by these districts that resulted in significant advancements in student achievement through a comprehensive approach to literacy. Beyond the conventional realms of reading and writing, literacy is explored as a multifaceted skill encompassing communication, critical thinking, and cultural understanding. It serves as an anchor, grounding every academic subject, ranging from mathematics and the sciences to history and art.

Join us for this highly informative session as we unravel the profound impact of literacy on educational outcomes. Without a doubt, literacy is the key to unlocking the door to knowledge, and this webinar promises to equip attendees with valuable insights to enhance literacy initiatives within their educational contexts.

Webinar Speakers

UBA Speaker Dr. Jackson
UBA Speaker
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