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Urban Boards Alliance Program

The Urban Board Alliance unites state school board associations in a shared journey of collaboration, innovation, and progress. Our aim is to create a space where the collective wisdom and expertise of state boards of education converge and foster an environment where ideas are exchanged, best practices are shared, and partnerships are forged. 

urban alliance

About Us - The Urban Board Alliance (UBA) is a vibrant arm of the Consortium of State School Boards Associations, dedicated to nurturing the development and success of school boards across the country. UBA acts as a national network for collaboration, promoting the sharing of wisdom, assets, competencies, and education among board members. UBA provides the necessary tools to successfully tackle the unique challenges found in urban, suburban, and rural educational landscapes.  

To fortify state school board associations, UBA focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skill augmentation. We offer tailored training programs and conventions aimed at arming board members with the newest insights, tactics, and tools necessary for making informed decisions and driving positive changes across all educational settings.  


As stewards of education in our respective states, we understand the importance of working together to address the challenges and opportunities facing our schools and communities. Through this alliance, we amplify our voices, strengthen our impact, and inspire positive change. 

Our Vision - The Urban Boards Alliance (UBA) envisions comprehensive support for school board associations across urban, suburban, and rural settings, by fostering a robust framework for collaborative initiatives that extend beyond individual districts. Through this collective exchange, UBA aims to strengthen the capacity of school board associations, thereby advancing educational outcomes and enriching the learning experience for all students.    


Upcoming Events – UBA Webinar, Annual Conference - 2025,

Wellness and Safety Conference - June 2025  



UBA webinars are aimed at arming association members with the newest insights, strategies, and resources necessary for making informed decisions and driving positive change across all educational settings.

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The UBA has a comprehensive online platform dedicated to sharing resources, research, and innovative solutions. This platform serves as a hub for members to access a wealth of information and collaborate on initiatives aimed at improving educational outcomes. More coming soon...


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